Eco Water Station

Why? To provide our guests with excellent quality water, completely free of charge, available in unlimited quantities during their stay.

What are the advantages? By adhering you are actively contributing to reduce very high quantities of glass and plastic packaging and towards lower environmental impact.

Imported water has a large environmental footprint due to transport by cargo ships and/or airplanes. By consuming local water, you are reducing carbon emissions caused by transporting imported goods.

Did you know plastic and glass packaging, although recyclable, are not recycled on the island because there are not sufficient means to do it. As such, all plastic and glass to recycle must be exported for treatment, increasing the consumption of fossil fuels used in this transport. by reducing the number of packaging, using this unique and reusable bottle, you are contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

  • More informations in your room television on the "sustainability" theme
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