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The Vine Hotel – Cook

Food Concept

Just like a good wine, our cuisine is meant to appeal to all your senses. Moods, time of day and weather play a role in choice and enjoyment. Dining at The Vine becomes a ritual of joy, comfort and pleasure.

The Vine Hotel – Uva Restaurant & Wine Bar

Uva Restaurant & Wine Bar

  • Open from tuesday to saturday from 19h00 to 21h30

The Vine Hotel – Terra Lounge Restaurant

Terra Lounge Restaurant

The Vine Hotel – Details


360⁰Sky & Poolside Bar

  • In case of adverse weather conditions this bar will be closed and the Terra Lounge Bar will be open.

Uva Wine Bar

Terra Lounge Bar

  • This Bar will only be open in case of bad weather conditions, otherwise we open the 360º Bar in the Terrace.
The Vine Hotel – Dinning

Romantic Private Dining

  • For details and quotes, send an e-mail to

The Vine Hotel – Details

For a Special Occasion

  • Contact our Events Manager at